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Monster Deck

These building deck  plans are an interesting an example of what you sometimes have to do to get wood deck designs done right as it is about what clients have to do to get it all wrong.  Decks have a well-earned reputation for being under built [hat's a euphemism for inadequately attached to structure and inadequately supported, done cheap and easy].  Think about it:  add a large gazebo like structure on top of a deck and invite a deck full of folk or add a 50#/square foot snow load and Humpty-Dumpy could have a great fall.

These two folks wanted building deck plans for a wooden deck design of their general outline.  The wooden deck design was to be applied behind their house - building deck plans for a deck big enough to cook out on, eat out on, and eat in on inside a 16' on-a-side architecturally sympathetic Craftsman Style screened porch.  This isn't about the concept and design phases of our work.  That went swell.  We collaborated and succeeded in a design that worked for them and worked for to us.

Monster Deck and Decks


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